Advanced Help in Munin API

The latest Munin API update includes online help in Drupal advanced_help format, with explanations about Munin API, Munin, RRDtool and MRTG ; hook information for developers of business metrics, and more.

Munin installation tips

What to do if your Drupal Munin graphs do not appear ?

If munin-node starts before Apache (NGinx, etc) is ready, the munin-drupal plugin won't be able to connect and provide the needed config to munin-node.

Drupal Business metrics

Drupal enterprise-class applications and web sites have business-specific metrics to observe: Munin API offers a very simple way to write custom plugins, to monitor exactly the metrics needed by marketing or quality.

Munin Watchdog service

Drupal can provide a Munin heartbeat check too: Munin API can log events if the Munin probe interval deviates from the expected, with 2 levels of severity depending on the deviation: one missed probe could trigger a warning and two a critical.

Munin API

This module is an API-type Drupal module to help other modules expose their internal instrumentation to Munin, mostly used by sub-modules and custom code to expose business metrics.


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