Munin Watchdog service

Munin graph of Drupal monitoring munin-node. The red lines show the alert limits

Drupal can also be used as a heartbeat check to Munin itself : the Munin API module can emit watchdog events if the Munin probe interval deviates from the normal 300 seconds, with 2 levels of severity depending on the interval: thus one missed probe could trigger a warning and two a critical.

This allows triggering alerts in other systems when Munin itself is down and thus cannot generate the munin-limits alerts.

Munin API

This module is an API-type Drupal module to help other modules expose their internal instrumentation to Munin.

The main Munin API module itself exposes few user-level features, but is used mostly as a dependency by the included sub-modules and any user-created modules.


The Munin APC submodule exposes two APC graphs:

  • a line chart of the caching information
  • an area chart for APC uptime

The Munin Core submodule exposes several graphs:


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