Classified Ads merged back to, patches upcoming

The classified fork of module Classified Ads, originally maintained here, is now back to as branch 6.x-3.x of the module.

All 5.x features requests have been updated to 6.x-3.x, and bug triaging will be coming next, to check what is still relevant these days and what was just needed because of 5.x limitations.

The goal is to have a clean-again issue queue by mid-August 2011n, possibly with some new features.

Classified Ads heads back to

The Drupal Classified Ads module was initially developed in 2010 as a fork off the ed_classified module and evolved separately since then, while ed_classified did not.

The existing ed_classified maintainer recently agreed to let OSInet integrate back Classified Ads into the ed_classified project, as branch 6.x-3.x. This means sites will no longer need to choose and will be able to rely on a single version once again.

Advanced Help in Munin API

The latest update in Munin API master branch includes online help in Drupal advanced_help format.

It includes:

  • a brief explanation of how the Munin API, Munin, RRDtool and MRTG relate
  • an intro to the hooks you will need to implement to create your own Munin API graph providers
  • an explanation of the difference between Munin API graph providers and straight Munin plugins

Comments are opened on this post: feel free to tell us what extra help you would like to see.

Munin installation tips

What to do if your Drupal Munin graphs do not appear ?

Assuming the module was installed and the plugin configured as recommended, all should go well.

However, in some cases, munin-node will start before Apache (or whichever web server you are using) is ready. In such cases, using the default web-based plugin provided in (module)/plugins/munin-drupal will receive a connection error, and be unable to provide munin-node with the needed config information.


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