Munin API or d.o./project/munin ?

Sample output from the Munin plugin

Another Munin plugin exists on Munin API is an independent implementation, not derived from the existing project, and strongly differing in architectural choices:

  • The plugin on d.o. works by building a script containing MySQL queries to run against the DB server. Once the script is generated, the scripts are independent from the module. This typically means a lighter sever load.
  • The OSInet plugin uses live Drupal queries, making it :
    • able to query non-SQL data if the needs arises
    • offering the possibility to toggle settings and activate/deactivate graphs from within Drupal, without having to use Munin-level configuration.
    • upgradable using the normal Drupal upgrade methods
  • The OSInet plugin doubles as a watchdog for the Munin daemon, warning when it is not being probed regularly.
  • Both plugins are Free Software, licenses under the General Public License version 2 and later.