Munin API

This module is an API-type Drupal module to help other modules expose their internal instrumentation to Munin.

The main Munin API module itself exposes few user-level features, but is used mostly as a dependency by the included sub-modules and any user-created modules.


The Munin APC submodule exposes two APC graphs:

  • a line chart of the caching information
  • an area chart for APC uptime

The Munin Core submodule exposes several graphs:

  • Core: users (active vs blocked), sessions (anonymous vs authenticated)
  • Core content: comments (unpublished vs published), nodes (unpublished vs published)
  • Core taxonomy: terms

A Munin monitoring mechanism is also built into the Munin API module.

  • It exposes a graph of the interval between Munin probes