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Articles tagged “osinet” are related to my consulting practice.

This category contains presentations I gave at Go meetups, workshops, or conferences ; or software — typically Open Source — I created or significantly contributed to.


The book was supposed to be released on the 2020-04-01.

As things stand, it came out as a bad April’s Fool joke, due to the COVID-19 pandemic suspending the official release.

This had two impacts:

Error handling with Go 1.14

When programming in Go 1.14, error handling is no longer limited to the error interface.

Discover error wrapping, introduced with Go 1.13, and slowly generalized in the Go 1.14 runtime library.

The Go internals unofficial wiki

The Go internals unofficial wiki formerly published on used to be a valuable resource for developers interested in the internal operation of the Go runtime. Regrettably, it disappeared when the owner of the wikispot.…