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From PHP to Go: PHP2Go

For advanced PHP developers, stepping into Go is often more attractive than Node.JS. But the Go library seems to be missing so much useful stuff found in the PHP library. How can one switch faster ?

The Go internals unofficial wiki

The Go internals unofficial wiki formerly published on used to be a valuable resource for developers interested in the internal operation of the Go runtime. Regrettably, it disappeared when the owner of the wikispot.…

Cleaning up the GoLand cache and log directories

When GoLang gets upgraded from one version to the next, the upgrade process create a new set of per-user directories for the configuration, cache, and logs of the new version.

Fix GoLand 'Make' run configurations not finding Go

In a GoLand make run config, tasks defined in the Makefile correctly find the go binary on macOS, but not on Ubuntu, causing errors like this one :

Tip of the day: PHP-compatible CRC32

PHP includes crc32() and hash("crc32") functions.

Do they have an exact counterpart in the Go runtime library ?

What to do when Go will not run, nor install from source ?

Sometimes, even on Linux, a standard Go install won’t work. Even a source install may fail under some uncommon OS configurations.

How does one install Go, then?