The Go 1.18 generics landscape

After a limited and somewhat hidden version in Go 1.17, Generics are coming to Go 1.18, in the form of type parameters.

This presentation covers generics and the associated library extensions:

  1. Hello generics : a quick example to get the feel of Go generics
  2. 10 000 feet view : how they impact code, and what are the expected changes in future releases
  3. New notation and packages : new and redefined operators and builtins
  4. Using generics in practice : how to adapt your code for generics and write generics-using code
  5. Defining constraints : how to create new custom constraints
  6. Concluding examples : familiar examples including map Keys() and Values(), filters like Map(), Reduce() and Filter(), and a type-safe Sets implementation
  7. Going further : more advanced resources from the Go project

To move between slides, use the keyboard left/right keys.

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