About me

I am one of the founders of OSInet, a consulting engineering firm specialized in quality, security and performance for web sites and applications. I also teach Go at the EEMI school of engineering.

OSInet serves businesses, government, and NGOs mostly at three steps during project development:

  • On project start (kickoff), we define a software architecture that will be able to support long-term development and an evolving lifecycle, especially for projects based on the Drupal CMS, possibly complemented by microservices and/or system tooling - which will tend to be delivered using Go, like Drupal Redis stats or untilMongod.
  • During ongoing project development, especially when issues of code quality of performance appear. At this point, having an independent third party like OSInet, applying a strict auditing deontology helps to clarify the actual situation and adjust work content and methods until a satisfying resolution can be achieved.
  • Once in production, especially when a project under heavy maintenance gets slower over time, or when a security issue is exploited. The goal of such missions is to identify actual flaws and recommend technical changes to restore security and/or performance levels.

Are you wondering whether calling on us might be useful ? An initial call to discuss the specifics of your project is free, confidential, and does not commit you to anything more. You can reach me :

The technology stack we support is wide, the most visible components being:

  • Application level : Drupal, Symfony, Node.js, and more generally any combination based on PHP or JavaScript (TypeScript), be it headless or traditional. This includes Meteor for real-time collaborative applications with React or VueJS.
  • Storage and caching : MongoDB, Redis, Memcached, MariaDB, MySQL.
  • Infrastructure : traditional hosting, Docker containers, AWS cloud.
  • Observability : logging with (B)ELK and derivatives, Graylog, syslog, metrics with Munin / RRD, StatsD, InsightDB, et Grafana.

About… miscellaneous information

  • Information about the Go book proper is available on The book.
  • Legal and privacy information, as well as credits, is available on Informations légales (fr).