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Learn Go: fundamentals of code

Are you familiar with C, Java, JavaScript, or Python ? The Tour of Go and the ambient buzz have you ready to take a deep dive into Go ? This is the book… if you can read a bit of French.

With almost 400 pages and well over 150 listings, learn Go without any shortcuts, and take advantage of your existing fluency in other programming languages to write programs which can benefit from multicore architectures and run fast with low power requirements.

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Livre sur Go en français

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How to debug a second test run ?

Some tests may only fail the second time you run them, but the integrated debugging in GoLand will only run them once by default.

How can we use it to debug them?

CLI commands with google/subcommands

How to create CLI programs with multiple commands, flags and subcommands, and how to do it fast and simply?

google/subcommands makes it a breeze.

Let us see how.

The Go 1.18 generics landscape

After a limited and somewhat hidden version in Go 1.17, Generics are coming to Go 1.18, in the form of type parameters.

This presentation covers generics and the associated library extensions:

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